Guidelines for a Successful Opt-in Email Campaign

emailJust because you use opt-in emails only for your email marketing campaign does not always guarantee that the emails you send will not be deleted by the recipients without being opened. If you do want the emails to be read, you need to make sure that always manage to keep your subscriber interested. To help you do this, below are some guidelines you might want to follow:

1. Don’t send emails to often – Even if you have a lot of interesting content to send, there comes a point when the useful emails will feel like spam. After all, even someone who’s into beauty products wouldn’t want to read cool tips on beauty measures more than once a day. So send emails as sparingly as possible. Another tack you can take is by letting your subscribers choose how often they want to receive emails; daily, weekly, or monthly.

2. Let them choose the content – You can also let your subscribers choose the specific topics they are interested in. This is especially useful if you have lots of varied content.

3. Meaty titles and first lines – Be very particular with your titles and first lines because they are what your subscribers will see at a glance and will determine whether they open the email or send it straight to the trash. So choose meaty and catchy lines that will intrigue your subscribers.

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Be Wary of Millionaire Email Notifications

I have had a lot of these phishing emails lately and it is really irritating. In summary, there is no such thing as an instant millionaire especially if you have not signed up or joined any contest. Further, inheritance is impossible considering how can you have people on the web who don’t even know where you live or what your phone number is?

Be wary of these people. They are getting your personal information and using them for malicious deeds. Your privacy may be in jeopardy and if you are not careful, you may be in for a lot of trouble.

Offline Emailing

It is a common idea that when a user aims to email, one must have that Internet connection whether it be through a dial-up connection, Wi-Fi, or DSL. Nowadays, though, this is not the case because emailing is possible even without any Internet connection but of course, there are certain limitations. Offline emailing features include that allowing users to read one’s inbox and even compose and edit an email. The only difference is that the composed email is only sent once one is connected to the Internet. Nonetheless, offline emailing gives much convenience to email users and though there may be limitations that go with its usage, it is still very much appreciated by the majority and still wanted by almost every user. Taking for instance emailing through the popular Gmail, one can easily access by simply downloading the offline Google Mail. From this download, one can enjoy the features that go with offline emailing.

Subject line: the most important sentence in email marketing


An industry expert describes subject line as the most significant sentence in a business’ email marketing strategy because the line can be used to attract and engage potential customers. It is where the user decides to either open the message or trash it. And to boost response rates, personalizing email marketing should be considered. Messages that are sent to clients should also be consistent in their use of company logos and offers. A company’s message should extend all the way through from your email to the sign up page and to that special landing page you have created for the event, product or purpose and promotion of what you are sending through email.

Google Mail Trends

The Google mail trends can show distribution data of messages by year, month, and day, day of week and time of day as well as distribution of messages
Google Mail Trends is only available for Gmail use only. But knowing Google, they might offer the mail trends to other e-mail services that can be extracted from IMAP servers.

Fighting of the Spambots

For sure, most of us have had our share of unsolicited mail from unknown origins. They are normally known as spam originating from a program called spambots.

Spambots are able to operate because email addresses have a familiar presentation. They simply read pages on the web and search the code looking for addresses around an “@” symbol. There are also snippets of HTML code that bots can find such as “mailto”. It doesn’t matter whether these are found on webpages, chatrooms or on discussion forums; the spambot is able to use it.

There are a number of ways of trying to fool theses pieces of software. You could use an image with your email address or replace the “@” symbol with an (AT). Both of these mean that your link will no longer be clickable and open up the user’s email client.

Mail into the Clouds

mobilemeWith the advent of the iPhone came the much needed boost into the cloud computing platform that has been proposed and established by many of the Internets industry leaders. The cloud promises better performance with today’s multi-core processors that would be similar to the distributed processing systems of the mainframe days when people had access to only the places they were allowed to go. The promise of cloud computing is more power and flexibility of future internet applications like MobileMe for the iPhone and iTunes. It allows instantaneous syncing of all your devices, making it one of the best Internet apps to date. Share video and pictures by syncing your iPhone which automatically sends your stuff to the Apple servers then into the cloud, where upon boot-up, your Mac syjcs and reflects all changes and additions made. The future of the internet is in the clouds but it still needs time to blossom into one powerful system much like the internet was when it started to spread.

Which is the Best Free Mail Program?

We all have our own preference on which free email to sign up with and a lot of it will boil down to ease of use. Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail are leading the pack but as far as user-friendliness is concerned, a lot has to go with where we feel comfortable with at the most.

These mails sites normally try to copy each other. They offer beta versions of new releases which do not always become ideal for people today. Take Yahoo for example which is trying to copy Gmail. It is commendable but the loading time is really something that leaves a lot to be desired.

Hence it would be best to stick to old scripts for now. Do not offer beta versions if they create more inconveniences for your patrons.

Overview on Email Marketing


Email marketing has been a top way and form or advertising on the internet nowadays. Business owners, companies and corporations take advantage of the benefits they get from email marketing campaigns. Email marketing has indeed grown to be very popular as it is an effective and innovative way to advertise. But there are of course some techniques and strategies to the trade so business owners cannot just go email on random email addresses in promoting products goods and services. They need to be aware of spamming through random email addresses as well which is against the law. Business owners should hire professional companies who specialize on email marketing services and monitoring in order to protect themselves from inadvertent infringements of the law.

Subjects Can Make All the Difference

Have you ever wondered if your emails were really read by the person to whom you sent them to? Well, one thing you can make sure to grab their attention is be sure that they are opened once received.

Some people fail to realize that the actual attention grabber is the subject that recipients see. It is the first thing that makes them decide if they should prioritize reading the received email or not.

Basic as it may seem, don’t forget that the subject line will bring the whole summary of what the email is all about.