Email Verification: Hassle or Essential?

checkmarkSigning up for online sites these days usually means having to go through the hassle of email verification. This is true for all kinds of sites, from online forums to online skin care sites.

But is email verification really just a huge hassle, or does it serve a more important purpose?

Online businesses need a way to verify your email to ensure that they are sending their newsletters, important notices, invoices, and other official mail to the right address. Without email verification, they could well be spamming some poor individual who has no interest whatsoever in their product or service. Furthermore, it is also an essential security measure, especially for sites that you actually give your money too. While you may be asked for other pertinent information and be given other verification options (e.g. phone verification), email is the primary way online sites weed the real from the scam.

So the next time you get irritated about having to go through email verification, remember that it isn’t a way for spammers to get your email address but the way legitimate business ensure your security and also keep their records clean so they don’t end up like spammers.

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Nigerian scam humor site

It’s funny but the Nigerian email scam is still going strong, despite a lot of people already knowing that this is a duplicitous act to extort money from unsuspecting people. The Nigerian email scam has been in existence for as long as email as become commercially available. The funny thing is, there are still some people who get duped by these scams.
If you want to see this conmen get their comeuppance then all you need to do is to visit It’s the site of this hilarious man who tricks the tricksters. You’ll have to see it yourself to find out why this site is so hilarious.

Email in Proper Intervals

When we are marketing using emails, it would be best to keep them at a minimum or send emails at specific periods that will not become irritating for most. Getting emails everyday in your email box with nothing new to show can become entirely irritating and thus lead to potential cuts by people who choose to get updates or news.

There are companies who are aggressive and provide updates daily. But for the sake of relevance, it would be best to keep these practices at times where the real important emails are to be passed on for subscriber updates.

Subjects Can Make All the Difference

Have you ever wondered if your emails were really read by the person to whom you sent them to? Well, one thing you can make sure to grab their attention is be sure that they are opened once received.

Some people fail to realize that the actual attention grabber is the subject that recipients see. It is the first thing that makes them decide if they should prioritize reading the received email or not.

Basic as it may seem, don’t forget that the subject line will bring the whole summary of what the email is all about.

Fraudulent Link Scams


Generally, scams are the new malware delivery method in email today and the norm is social engineering. Falsifying a link is the hallmark of seeded downloader Trojans, Phishing scams and other web-based malware. Security providers has been plagued with rogue antiapyware products that makes false claims of infection just to sell product or they drop their own malware to the system. Brand names are significamt regarding your security, both in terms of verifying that the link is legitimate and to know that products are legit. The technique is you should maintain a good security bearing that takes more time than just installing the right product before you install them, and you better be sure that the links you click really leads you where you want to go.

Gmail in your iPhone

With the advent of the iPhone, people are wondering how Google will react to it, considering they’re planning their own OS for the mobile Phone, called the Android. It seems that they’ve warmed up to the idea and released a mobile version of Gmail for the iPhone.

We’ve just released a new look and feel for the mobile version of Gmail on your iPhone. Our goal: make Gmail fit nicely as part of the latest Google on your iPhone experience. This means that we had to make Gmail faster and more fluid.

This is advantageous to both companies as this will open up GMail users inusing the iPhone for their daily email fix. Imagine the comfort of using GMail while on a train to work and emailing the report needed this morning to your boss.

To get this service, kindly follow the instructions laid in the blogpost at the GMail Blog.

E-mail Marketing Best Practice Trends

Measuring the movement of the customer is based on the approached; this is rather than looking at the overall campaign performance and response. Many companies are now looking at the individual customer’s response, just to know if it is beneficial for them. Having the campaign is not really that much good so for that you really need to pursue your business what ever it is.

Fighting of the Spambots

For sure, most of us have had our share of unsolicited mail from unknown origins. They are normally known as spam originating from a program called spambots.

Spambots are able to operate because email addresses have a familiar presentation. They simply read pages on the web and search the code looking for addresses around an “@” symbol. There are also snippets of HTML code that bots can find such as “mailto”. It doesn’t matter whether these are found on webpages, chatrooms or on discussion forums; the spambot is able to use it.

There are a number of ways of trying to fool theses pieces of software. You could use an image with your email address or replace the “@” symbol with an (AT). Both of these mean that your link will no longer be clickable and open up the user’s email client.

Your Account has Been Suspended – ID Theft Scam

Bank Scam\The email scam has you getting a notice that your social security, bank account or some other financial account has been compromised by a recent attack and that you are required to click on a link or web site to re-enter all your details for them to re-verify your account and get back on track with your account’s security. Read the rest of this entry »

GMail No Longer By Invite

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, Gmail has now opened its doors to everyone. Some time ago, only invited people could get a Gmail account which was not really a good idea.

Unlike Yahoo which is open to anybody, it eases the burden of having to get a free email account even if they are not among the elite people that Google was trying to market. Between the two, Yahoo mails is a hands down winner in getting more subscribers although it may include some people who create free mail for malicious things.

But seeing that their strategy is backfiring, Google has made it free for anyone. So if you have not gotten a Gmail account yet, get yours now at