Gmail in your iPhone

With the advent of the iPhone, people are wondering how Google will react to it, considering they’re planning their own OS for the mobile Phone, called the Android. It seems that they’ve warmed up to the idea and released a mobile version of Gmail for the iPhone.

We’ve just released a new look and feel for the mobile version of Gmail on your iPhone. Our goal: make Gmail fit nicely as part of the latest Google on your iPhone experience. This means that we had to make Gmail faster and more fluid.

This is advantageous to both companies as this will open up GMail users inusing the iPhone for their daily email fix. Imagine the comfort of using GMail while on a train to work and emailing the report needed this morning to your boss.

To get this service, kindly follow the instructions laid in the blogpost at the GMail Blog.

E-mail Marketing Best Practice Trends

Measuring the movement of the customer is based on the approached; this is rather than looking at the overall campaign performance and response. Many companies are now looking at the individual customer’s response, just to know if it is beneficial for them. Having the campaign is not really that much good so for that you really need to pursue your business what ever it is.

Fighting of the Spambots

For sure, most of us have had our share of unsolicited mail from unknown origins. They are normally known as spam originating from a program called spambots.

Spambots are able to operate because email addresses have a familiar presentation. They simply read pages on the web and search the code looking for addresses around an “@” symbol. There are also snippets of HTML code that bots can find such as “mailto”. It doesn’t matter whether these are found on webpages, chatrooms or on discussion forums; the spambot is able to use it.

There are a number of ways of trying to fool theses pieces of software. You could use an image with your email address or replace the “@” symbol with an (AT). Both of these mean that your link will no longer be clickable and open up the user’s email client.

Your Account has Been Suspended – ID Theft Scam

Bank Scam\The email scam has you getting a notice that your social security, bank account or some other financial account has been compromised by a recent attack and that you are required to click on a link or web site to re-enter all your details for them to re-verify your account and get back on track with your account’s security. Read the rest of this entry »

GMail No Longer By Invite

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, Gmail has now opened its doors to everyone. Some time ago, only invited people could get a Gmail account which was not really a good idea.

Unlike Yahoo which is open to anybody, it eases the burden of having to get a free email account even if they are not among the elite people that Google was trying to market. Between the two, Yahoo mails is a hands down winner in getting more subscribers although it may include some people who create free mail for malicious things.

But seeing that their strategy is backfiring, Google has made it free for anyone. So if you have not gotten a Gmail account yet, get yours now at

Benefits of Email Marketing


Business use Email Marketing to communicate with their clients and customers to share business news and in keeping customers abreast of new offers and promotions. Email marketing gives consumers special treatment by offering them unique ideals and promotions especially when they are loyal to the business. It also helps a business owner keep current customers and get new customers as they improve their profit margin. Although the effect does not happen overnight, email marketing still proves to be a successful campaign. And it is advisable to hire professional services that will handle email marketing endeavors so that the business is freed from the hassles they may get from conducting email campaigns. Email marketing proves to be just like television advertisements that quickly catch consumers’ attention.

Stick to the Text Formats

As far as receiving emails from others is concerned, the speed at which they are loaded is important. Email is supposed to be fast messages brought to us and in the even that some of them take some time to load, subscribers will not waste their time waiting for the page to load.

Indeed it is pretty much commendable to see html formats in our email boxes. But do remember, long loading emails to be read may become a total problem for most. One thing that anyone would hate are too much graphics and scripts which may eventually be considered as a virus which all of us fear the most.

Get Instant Access to Business Mail in Argentina

With spectacular scenic beauty, multi-ethnic towns and energetic culture, Argentina is a vacationer’s ecstasy. Tree-huggers can navigate through Patagonian grassland, mount South America’s premier peak, stroll among penguins and see one of the most incredible waterfalls. Trekkers can enjoy the striking panorama of the verdant Lake District with its magnificent lakes and angelic white mountains, and party in Patagonia’s ecstatic landscapes and smeared Andean deserts. What more, you can shop for designer clothes at cheap rates, relish on the best food, and have a rocking night life. But if you wish to keep a tab on your business amidst this verve, then see to it that you travel well-prepared by synchronizing your Smartphone with Exchange Host.

Argentina is a country which mainly includes Spanish speaking people. However, the best thing for Argentinean people using Dedicated Exchange server is that they can access it in their own lingo as Exchange Server 2007 is available in many languages.

If you are on a tour to Argentina, then before syncing your phone with hosted Microsoft Exchange or hosted BES, surf through the country’s wireless providers’ websites to know more about their data plans. Argentina’s wireless services providers include Claro, Movistar, Claro, Personal, and NEXTEL.

Moreover, SharePoint Server 2007 is also available from Microsoft as the best content management solution.

Check the Bulk Folder Occassionally

Have you ever had the time when you were expecting an email which never came through? Chances are they may have gotten the wrong email address or maybe it landed in our bulk mail folder.

The bulk mail folder is normally storage for senders that send you emails rapidly and with questionable attachments and content. While there is no real way to determine which is spam and which is not, it would be best to check them since some of your emails may be tied up in that folder.

Next time around, check it out. That email you have been waiting for ages may be there.

Emails: Our Pager on the Web

Ever since they were institutionalized, emails have become the feasible way of delivering messages to and from anywhere in the world. It takes around a couple of minutes to send and receive emails and with the demand for immediate updates today, people are checking their mails as often as they can.

Decision-making in business has become faster these days and apparently this stems from the fact that the data and supporting information are present at a click’s notice. In most offices, we see personalized emails today and rather than having your secretary jot down, type and send a correspondent, you can imagine know how faster it is to inform others.