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Mobile emailMost mail service providers are offering the same service for the growing mobile users who rely on them for business and social use. Email is still one of the most prominent messaging method for businesses and individuals alike but maybe because it has the same nostalgic effect of traditional mail that has lessened in popularity in the past few years. Email though now more secure are still some of the most exploited forms of spreading malware and is still being used in scams and other criminal activities. Read the rest of this entry »

Sign Up with Free Mail

The first thing you can do while you are on the web is make use of the cheaper way of communicating with family and friends. Electronic mail has been heard here and there and it sure beats the rising costs of having to make long distance calls and waiting impatiently for your snail mail to arrive to its destination.

With free email, you can send a message in a couple of seconds. There are a lot of free mail accounts on the web:

1. Yahoo Mail
2. Gmail
3. AOL
4. MSN
5. Excite

There are a lot of other free mail sites you can use on the web. But it would be best to stick with the pioneers to avoid risks as sudden closure of sites.

Spammers Still Make Big Bucks

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A report indicated that only ONE in 12.5 million junk mails usually end up as a SALE. But while this is relatively a small percentage, spammers make a lot of money out of annoying other people with their junk mails. Recently, researches have hacked themselves into a network of zombie PCs, actually controlled by the hackers, the network is called the ‘Storm’. Their intention was to keep track of the actual users that respond to the spam sent through emails and to monitor how much that particular campaign makes. They spent twenty six days attracting the infected pc’s users to a hoax pharmacy that promises to sell them fully guaranteed libido enhancer. The researchers sent a staggering 350 million messages. But they only got 28 response that was translated into a SALE. Overall, when they did the math, they came with $2 million a year stolen money from just about a million PCs at a given time.

Be Cautious of Sign-Ups with your Email

As far as other uses of our email is concerned, you have to consider that there will be times where we may eventually need it when signing up for a particular site. Newsletters and updates are common these days and for most of us, we have to provide emails as basis of authentication to a lot of site.

But the problem is that it may risky. They do say that they will not use our email in any form. But how about sending information that may soon become irrititating? It happens. Before you know it, your email box is full of newsletters and information that make your email a mess.

Compress Your Attachments

In cases where you have to send large files, you can always use the usual compression software such as Winzip or Winrar to save on space. The larger files sent as is will take a long time to download and worst, some may even linger in the mail server causing unnecessary space that may eventually lead for other incoming mails to bounce.

While some people would not be religious in checking their emails daily, these are factors that contribute towards clogging up your email box. The best way to go is to try and decrease the size of the file. Compressing them is just one of it.

Limit Your Attachments

We cannot avoid sending files, especially photos and images which will vary in size. Normally, free web mail puts a limit to these but as far as personal emails that come with the package service plans allow us to send larger ones.

This was the practice some time ago and today, most email providers, particularly the free web based ones, have increased the capacity of files to be sent. This stems from the fact that along with the growth of technology comes the increase in file size. While we want to avoid them, there are instances where we really cannot avoid sending them in these large formats.

Embedding Videos in Email

It used to be that email marketers relied on file attachments to get more information to their target audience. Due to the risk of malware that came with downloading attachments though, email marketers could no longer count on people to download those files and so had to resort to embedded images or even plain text for their email campaigns. These days, thanks to HTML5, embedding videos on email has gotten easier so that videos are starting to appear in marketing emails.

YouTube Share EmailOf course, embedding videos in emails is not only for marketers and can be done by anyone. In fact, Google makes it super easy to share YouTube videos through Gmail. As long as you are logged in your Google account you can share your favorite YouTube videos, from music videos to beauty and cosmetic tips, by clicking on “Share” then “Email” and then plugging in the email addresses of those you wish to send the video to. Of course, you can also add your subject and message. It’s that simple!

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Behind Nigerian 419 Scams


Nigerian 419 Scams can be traced even back to the fax machine days and snail mail was the common business communication means. And since email is the preferred method nowadays, more Nigerian 419 Scams spread all throughout the net. The said scam claims to be the relative of some high-profile deceased and arrested political figure who have horded millions of dollars in cash and is seeking for someone to help transfer the money in exchange for a big percentage of the money. And to prove that they are legit, victims are presented with forged and official documents in convincing the email user. And then they claim fees and bribes that must be paid as your account is being set up.

Email Verification: Hassle or Essential?

checkmarkSigning up for online sites these days usually means having to go through the hassle of email verification. This is true for all kinds of sites, from online forums to online skin care sites.

But is email verification really just a huge hassle, or does it serve a more important purpose?

Online businesses need a way to verify your email to ensure that they are sending their newsletters, important notices, invoices, and other official mail to the right address. Without email verification, they could well be spamming some poor individual who has no interest whatsoever in their product or service. Furthermore, it is also an essential security measure, especially for sites that you actually give your money too. While you may be asked for other pertinent information and be given other verification options (e.g. phone verification), email is the primary way online sites weed the real from the scam.

So the next time you get irritated about having to go through email verification, remember that it isn’t a way for spammers to get your email address but the way legitimate business ensure your security and also keep their records clean so they don’t end up like spammers.

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Nigerian scam humor site

It’s funny but the Nigerian email scam is still going strong, despite a lot of people already knowing that this is a duplicitous act to extort money from unsuspecting people. The Nigerian email scam has been in existence for as long as email as become commercially available. The funny thing is, there are still some people who get duped by these scams.
If you want to see this conmen get their comeuppance then all you need to do is to visit It’s the site of this hilarious man who tricks the tricksters. You’ll have to see it yourself to find out why this site is so hilarious.