Mail into the Clouds

mobilemeWith the advent of the iPhone came the much needed boost into the cloud computing platform that has been proposed and established by many of the Internets industry leaders. The cloud promises better performance with today’s multi-core processors that would be similar to the distributed processing systems of the mainframe days when people had access to only the places they were allowed to go. The promise of cloud computing is more power and flexibility of future internet applications like MobileMe for the iPhone and iTunes. It allows instantaneous syncing of all your devices, making it one of the best Internet apps to date. Share video and pictures by syncing your iPhone which automatically sends your stuff to the Apple servers then into the cloud, where upon boot-up, your Mac syjcs and reflects all changes and additions made. The future of the internet is in the clouds but it still needs time to blossom into one powerful system much like the internet was when it started to spread.

Nigerian scam humor site

It’s funny but the Nigerian email scam is still going strong, despite a lot of people already knowing that this is a duplicitous act to extort money from unsuspecting people. The Nigerian email scam has been in existence for as long as email as become commercially available. The funny thing is, there are still some people who get duped by these scams.
If you want to see this conmen get their comeuppance then all you need to do is to visit It’s the site of this hilarious man who tricks the tricksters. You’ll have to see it yourself to find out why this site is so hilarious.

All about Email Lists


Email lists advance the traditional one-on-one email interaction a step further through disseminating a single message simultaneously to a group of people in your contacts. Typically, email lists are configured for use wither as one-way announcement lists or discussion lists but the only difference is, the list owner alone or editor can write to a one-way list with every list member writing to a discussion list. When an email list o made, the email address is used to post messages to the list. Once a message is sent, it is delivered to the central server when email list management software is located. The software then automatically distributes the email message to all subscribers in the list. You can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime as well as list modifications. The email list management software updates the list records automatically and sends an email confirmation to those who requested the modification.

About GFI Mail Essentials

The GFI Essentials offers anti spam for the exchange server and the other email servers eliminates the need toned to install and update the anti spam software on each desktop. It offers a fast set-up and high spam detection using Bayesian filtering. Having very low false positives, GFI mail essentials as well detect and block publishing emails and hard to catch image spam through a Botnet.

Emailing made easier

Emailing nowadays is definitely easier. Anyone can readily make an email account free of charge from different known sites such as gmail, yahoo, and American online. One can easily send emails without having a laptop or computer with him. Numerous applications that simply vary in features for mobile phones and even tablets are readily available that makes one’s accessibility to emailing convenient and reachable. Also, emailing before was just restricted to long distance communication. At present, it is as well used for short distances when for instance, one interacts with his boss, with friends, and even just a normal means of communicating like how a mobile phone is used. Another evident use of emailing is for formality purposes. It is most often the case that for hiring, some companies prefer to have their applicants send their resume through email. Agreements and transactions are as well sometimes conducted through its usage.

Mobile Email on an Upward Trend

iphone emailEmail is far from dead, but it seems that it has made the transition from PC to mobile.

According to reports, “email open rates continued an upward trends (11.6% increase) through Q1 2013″ with “50 percent of total email opens occurred on mobile devices”. The data from Experian Marketing Services is not a big surprise since the use of the mobile web is really taking off. Obviously, people will be more prone to access their emails on their mobile devices with better connection speeds on such devices and with responsive layouts and better mobile email apps making emailing easier and more convenient through tablets and phones.

For email marketers, what this means is that you need to be aware of mobile email users and so tailor your content for them. This means even more concise emails, less embedded videos (with no flash videos at all), and linking only to sites that are mobile-friendly (e.g. URL linking to mobile app or mobile site of a skin cosmetic site instead of its desktop URL).

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Embedding Videos in Email

It used to be that email marketers relied on file attachments to get more information to their target audience. Due to the risk of malware that came with downloading attachments though, email marketers could no longer count on people to download those files and so had to resort to embedded images or even plain text for their email campaigns. These days, thanks to HTML5, embedding videos on email has gotten easier so that videos are starting to appear in marketing emails.

YouTube Share EmailOf course, embedding videos in emails is not only for marketers and can be done by anyone. In fact, Google makes it super easy to share YouTube videos through Gmail. As long as you are logged in your Google account you can share your favorite YouTube videos, from music videos to beauty and cosmetic tips, by clicking on “Share” then “Email” and then plugging in the email addresses of those you wish to send the video to. Of course, you can also add your subject and message. It’s that simple!

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Offline Emailing

It is a common idea that when a user aims to email, one must have that Internet connection whether it be through a dial-up connection, Wi-Fi, or DSL. Nowadays, though, this is not the case because emailing is possible even without any Internet connection but of course, there are certain limitations. Offline emailing features include that allowing users to read one’s inbox and even compose and edit an email. The only difference is that the composed email is only sent once one is connected to the Internet. Nonetheless, offline emailing gives much convenience to email users and though there may be limitations that go with its usage, it is still very much appreciated by the majority and still wanted by almost every user. Taking for instance emailing through the popular Gmail, one can easily access by simply downloading the offline Google Mail. From this download, one can enjoy the features that go with offline emailing.

Is having an email a necessity?

The ease in communication brought by the email resulted to the public wanting to have a personal account. Its use and reach are things that one would really enjoy but it is still the fact that people can still survive without its usage, having an email is not a necessity. The rise of the Internet did pave way for the numerous emailing sites but the rise of technology resulted to its different forms such as mobile phones to be of great purpose as well. With this, one can say that there is that undeniable benefit that the email brings to people but it is not only through it that such benefit can be obtained. Mobile phones, telephones, chats, and other forms and means of communication can equally bring ease and convenience through features and applications that were made to satisfy the need of the majority and nevertheless the usage of these should not be taken for granted.

Spams on emails

Are you sick of getting emails that are not of importance to you? Isn’t it irritating that your folders are filled with these emails that you don’t really need? Did it ever happen to you that your needed emails to be sent and received don’t appear in your inbox rather in your spam? These are just some of the questions related to the most common feature in one’s email which is the spam email. Spam mail, in its popular sense, is also known as the junk mail or the unsolicited mail. As it seen, these appear in almost all email accounts taking note that it is often similar. Sometimes users wonder what these spam emails are about but actually when one clicks on it, it will most of the time link to websites that offer malware. Nonetheless, these spam messages actually cater to viruses. If one is unaware of the effects it leads to, users may not see it but there computers and laptops may be infected by these viruses.