Opt-in Emails the Only Email Marketing that Makes Sense

Email marketing is an essential tool these days for businesses. That does not mean though that spamming people’s inboxes is the way to go. Of course, there are still those that continue to send spam email, as our spam inboxes reveal each day. But with better spam filters and with people more savvy about spotting spam messages and automatically junking them, surely a legitimate business will look into better email marketing techniques.

The only real legitimate way to send people business newsletters and promotional material is via opt-in emails. Not only is it legitimate but it is more effective because you know that people in your list are actually interested in what you send. This is true whether you’re a discount coupon site or a medical job listing site. The point is that you are only sending emails to subscribers, subscribers who will read (or at least scan) your email’s contents before deciding on whether to do something about it or trash it.

Image via OportPlanet

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