Email Verification: Hassle or Essential?

checkmarkSigning up for online sites these days usually means having to go through the hassle of email verification. This is true for all kinds of sites, from online forums to online skin care sites.

But is email verification really just a huge hassle, or does it serve a more important purpose?

Online businesses need a way to verify your email to ensure that they are sending their newsletters, important notices, invoices, and other official mail to the right address. Without email verification, they could well be spamming some poor individual who has no interest whatsoever in their product or service. Furthermore, it is also an essential security measure, especially for sites that you actually give your money too. While you may be asked for other pertinent information and be given other verification options (e.g. phone verification), email is the primary way online sites weed the real from the scam.

So the next time you get irritated about having to go through email verification, remember that it isn’t a way for spammers to get your email address but the way legitimate business ensure your security and also keep their records clean so they don’t end up like spammers.

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