Mobile Email on an Upward Trend

iphone emailEmail is far from dead, but it seems that it has made the transition from PC to mobile.

According to reports, “email open rates continued an upward trends (11.6% increase) through Q1 2013″ with “50 percent of total email opens occurred on mobile devices”. The data from Experian Marketing Services is not a big surprise since the use of the mobile web is really taking off. Obviously, people will be more prone to access their emails on their mobile devices with better connection speeds on such devices and with responsive layouts and better mobile email apps making emailing easier and more convenient through tablets and phones.

For email marketers, what this means is that you need to be aware of mobile email users and so tailor your content for them. This means even more concise emails, less embedded videos (with no flash videos at all), and linking only to sites that are mobile-friendly (e.g. URL linking to mobile app or mobile site of a skin cosmetic site instead of its desktop URL).

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