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Mobile Mail

Mobile emailMost mail service providers are offering the same service for the growing mobile users who rely on them for business and social use. Email is still one of the most prominent messaging method for businesses and individuals alike but maybe because it has the same nostalgic effect of traditional mail that has lessened in popularity in the past few years. Email though now more secure are still some of the most exploited forms of spreading malware and is still being used in scams and other criminal activities. (more…)

Sign Up with Free Mail

The first thing you can do while you are on the web is make use of the cheaper way of communicating with family and friends. Electronic mail has been heard here and there and it sure beats the rising costs of having to make long distance calls and waiting impatiently for your snail mail to arrive to its destination.

With free email, you can send a message in a couple of seconds. There are a lot of free mail accounts on the web:

1. Yahoo Mail
2. Gmail
3. AOL
4. MSN
5. Excite

There are a lot of other free mail sites you can use on the web. But it would be best to stick with the pioneers to avoid risks as sudden closure of sites.

Email Marketing Campaign

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In your email marketing campaign, be certain that all aspects of your business are in sync with your email campaign. In other words, is customer service ready to field questions? Do sales have the inventory to meet your customer’s needs? There’s no point in sending out an email extolling the virtues of a new product if people can’t order it or answer questions. Just be sure that all systems are a-go before you send out that email. Otherwise, your attempts at furthering a reputation of being a reliable and sophisticated business will instantly be thwarted.

What this has meant is that the seller has the perfect chance to build up a relationship with the prospect. This in turn will open up many other chances in future for making sales. This works out much best and much more effectively as an email marketing campaign than the one-off hit or miss effort.

As long as you have carefully targeted those that you sign up in your opt in email list, then all you have to do is keep on feeding them interesting information on their area of interest. This is the best and most effective email marketing campaign because whatever relevant offer you put in front of them via your emails will be viewed as interesting information.

Which is the Best Free Mail Program?

We all have our own preference on which free email to sign up with and a lot of it will boil down to ease of use. Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail are leading the pack but as far as user-friendliness is concerned, a lot has to go with where we feel comfortable with at the most.

These mails sites normally try to copy each other. They offer beta versions of new releases which do not always become ideal for people today. Take Yahoo for example which is trying to copy Gmail. It is commendable but the loading time is really something that leaves a lot to be desired.

Hence it would be best to stick to old scripts for now. Do not offer beta versions if they create more inconveniences for your patrons.

Nokia’s OVI

Nokia OVIAs with any other mobile maker, Nokia has their own productivity suites that allows their phones to become mobile business units that allows email and other business related functions on the go. The advent of better and faster smart phones from most manufacturers who were seemingly waiting for the result of the Apple iPhone that has succeeded has most clamoring for so-called iPhone look alike’s that are now common. (more…)

Helping Your Email Provider Help You

SpamThe many mail service providers who offer them as a free service often have spam tagging options that allows them to compile and watch out for similar messages in the future allowing them to block similar attempts in the future. These mail service providers keep tabs on these scams and spam to block them in the transmission phase to prevent bot activity of flooding their servers with multiple messages, overwhelming them and clogging the system enough to cause a DoS attack. (more…)